City: Tirane
Street: Mehmet Gjevori, Paskuqan



Apartments: 95
Aluna Complex, one of the ambitious projects to transform one of the untouched areas of Tirana, in Paskuqan just a few meters from the end of the New Boulevard, about 33,494.3 square meters of construction area which will be transformed into one of the most contemporary and innovative residential complexes. The Paskuqan area holds a significant position in terms of economic development, considered as a connecting hub between Tirana and other cities in the northern part of the country. Lim-Em chooses it for the next object in terms of characteristics of intensive urban development, and gradual transformation into a land development destination. The tendency to invest more in construction has inspired the architecture team to always be at the forefront of urban area development with close perspective. A carefully crafted design, transforming it into one of the most beloved residential areas, around 1500 apartments of various typologies will offer numerous opportunities while enjoying the beautiful view of Tirana city and clean air. An ideal place to feel right at home.