City: Tiranë
Street: Dritan Hoxha



Apartments: 2
Commercials: 20
Business Center: 1
Parking: 180


51800㎡ Constructed
Total Floors: 11
Residential Floors: 10
Commercial Floors: 1
Parking Floors: 2
Aura is an ambitious project by Lim-Em, a multifunctional complex that at its core aims to create high-quality residential spaces. Within the Aura complex, you will discern the high standard of craftsmanship and the spirit of new development in this area, with dedicated spaces for businesses and offices. Notably, there are 7 buildings, each equipped with 2 dedicated elevators, a multiple central heating and cooling system, with large windows allowing full lighting of the buildings. The project’s objective is to revitalize the area in which it is being constructed, enhancing the quality of life through recreational spaces, infrastructure, and designated business areas. The project features buildings with 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 floors, with ground floors accommodating service shops and 2 basement levels for parking. The project boasts several advantages, including high-quality construction, a thermal insulation facade adorned with aluminum panels, double-brick and stone wool insulation for acoustic and thermal performance, thermally and acoustically insulated windows with double glazing, practical floor plans, and apartments with a generous 3.23-meter ceiling height. It represents a secure investment with top-quality interior finishes, 24/7 security, and maintenance. Aura Complex, Living differently…