Lim-Em is pleased to present Mozart development, the construction that is expected to be one of the monument of Architecture in Albania. A fully entitled 12 floor project located at the Boulevard of Tirana, in 5000 m² site which will give you the wonderful feeling like you are living in the past.

The project consists of two Austrian-style stores located along Dervish Hatixheja Street. Adjacent to Ministry of Justice and 5 minutes from Downtown of Tirana, the Property benefits from unparalleled connectivity throughout the Skanderbeg Square.

Mozart apartments are poised to benefit from the positive economic potential of the area, which makes the residence the best investment to rent or live for those who love luxury and city center.

As the market has recently experienced record levels in rent growth of over 3% over the last two years a hotel in this area was the best fit to the complex and has occupied 5 classic floors in a floral style expecting to became a magnet for the tourists.

The main points of the project

  • Centrally located near the Ministry of Justice, Mozart is only 5 minutes away from the center of Tirana.
  • Floor height, 320 cm, which is more than the standard makes Mozart one of the most luxurious buildings in Tirana
  • Apartments start from 66m² to 109m²