City: Tiranë
Street: Donika Kastrioti

Sixteen Tower


Apartments: 7


13,000㎡ Constructed
Total Floors: 16
Residential Floors: 14
Commercial Floors: 2
Here, grandeur meets luxury! Sixteen Tower is a unique development with tremendous potential in the market. This exceptionally significant building, rising 16 stories high, offers a 360° panoramic view of all of Tirana. Located along the main boulevard near the Block area, it connects directly to the city’s prime business district and is an ideal office building. Designed with a flexible architectural plan, it serves multiple functions: Residential- Commercial -Business It’s perfect for a multifunctional development, which we believe will turn this building into a landmark. The building features a thermal insulation facade with porcelain stoneware tiles, thermally and acoustically insulated double-glazed windows, grills, interior wooden doors, and soundproofed external doors. The first phase of the multisplit system has been installed. The four elevators in this building are of the world-renowned Schindler brand, taking you to its highest point.