City: Tiranë
Street: Vllazën Huta

Sol Residence


Apartments: 91
Parking: 78


7950㎡ Constructed
Total Floors: 11
Parking Floors: 2
Sol Residence comes as a multi-functional residential building that serves as a dynamic hub for residents and the wider surrounding community.

With a total area of 7,950 square meters, Sol includes 2 floors underground and 11 floors above ground. This residence offers a perfect combination between optimally organized interior surfaces and livable green spaces, creating a harmonious environment for residents and those who use it.

Located close to New Bazar, Sol Residence has been designed with care and professionalism to ensure a comfortable, elegant and functional experience for investors and residents. As one of the most attractive projects in Tirana, it combines modularity with modern style, giving maximum importance to elegance and functionality.

Nowadays, it pays to choose a residence where the value of your investment increases! The project, materials, services, access, location, and above all the development potential of the area as a whole are the main characteristics of a worthy investment!

SOL RESIDENCE where your new life begins!