City: Tiranë
Street: Javer Malo

Viva Complex


Apartments: 10
Commercials: 10
Business Center: 1
Parking: 15


2000㎡ Constructed
Total Floors: 10
Residential Floors: 9
Commercial Floors: 1
Parking Floors: 2
Viva Complex, a residential project situated on Javer Malo street, is located within an area designated by the Municipality of Tirana’s master plan, aimed at rejuvenating the neighborhood and offering a suitable and conducive environment for a high-quality life. Viva Complex is a structure where aesthetics and contemporary elements blend seamlessly, creating an unparalleled harmony. It stands as the perfect spot to experience beauty and a modern lifestyle firsthand.
With 9 floors above ground, including 8 residential levels and two underground floors, the building embodies an exceptional fusion of modern architectural design.
The ongoing development of the surrounding area positions Viva Complex as a sustainable and valuable investment for the future.