Our passion

Our passion
Our passion for being creative and building with quality is evidenced by the very materials we apply in our projects: designed to create a positive impact, to promote well-being.
This mentality is legitimized by the elegance of the projects we select to implement. We challenge the ground every day and defend the territory. Our passion creates new spaces, where inside they think in detail how to improve life experiences, such as work, leisure, imagination or the effort for innovation. Our spaces are thought of as plans where all the variables that enable prosperity and progress are placed.

Our vision
For us, values ​​like “trust”, “social responsibility” or “professionalism” are not just empty words to display whenever we need to describe ourselves. They are the result of tedious work that needs the element that gives life to even the most daring projects or ideas. “Dedication” is our keyword. Commitment is our formula for building trustworthy relationships with every client and for a healthy work philosophy. We are committed to listening to communities and their needs. We stick to deadlines, safe solutions and with the same correctness, we move confidently towards an international vision. We are enthusiastic about creating a better environment to live and work in. We aim to be the first company of engineering, construction, and project management not only in Albania but also in the region and Europe.

We protect the environment
Lim – Em sees an excellent opportunity not only to build but also in his work to protect the environment. Justice in the implementation of ecological parameters of the premises under construction is under the supervision of environmental experts, committed to maintaining the balance of biological microsystems. Before starting each project, we make a study and assessment of the impact on the environment to realize all the positive and negative effects, in order to minimize any negative effects if they are, and turn the environment into a better place.